Special Education Program Planning Software

IEP-IPP is open source software, license granted under GPL version 2, and is available free of charge. IEP-IPP was designed as a collaborative effort by K-12 special education teachers, graphic design, and K-12 technology staff as an effort to produce a program planning system for managing individual education/program plans for students in Pre-Kindergarten to grade 12, students in ESL and students in gifted programs. Efforts and suggestions to improve the system are always appreciated.

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Version 1 Key Features
  • Web Based, Mulituser
  • Goals/Objectives Database
  • Email Notifications for student transfers between staff
  • School Based management capabilities
  • Portable Document Format (PDF) hard copies
  • Archives of inactive plans
  • Spell Checking (version 1.0.006+)
  • Apache
  • Mysql (version 4+)
  • PHP (version 4+)
  • PHP GD & Iconv libraries
  • Pear Mail (recommended)
  • PHP pspell libraries (recommended)
1.0.006 Released

June 02, 2007: Version 1.0.006 includes several improvements and fixes:
  • Spellchecking added (php pspell libraries)
  • Program plan duplications added
  • Font on objectives fixed on PDF
  • Password change problem fixed
  • More Signatures on PDF
  • File upload problem with php5 fixed
If you are using a version prior to 1.0.006 an upgrade is suggested. Unzip the latest version overtop of your existing install.

If you are using a database installed prior to 1.0.006: In your MySQL database add an index (key) to both the 'student_id' and 'egps_username' fields in the support_list table to prevent the student view page from loading slowly with >200 program plans in the system.

Version 2 Development: Version 2 GUI Concept

IEP-IPP is Copyright © 2005 Grasslands Regional Division #6.
IEP-IPP is released under the GNU GPL License